"Persimmons"  Heavy acrylic painting on panel,5 x 7                                     175.

​Commissions welcomed!

I have learned a new technique and I really love it!  This is heavy acrylic!  I texture my panels or canvas, mostly panels with gesso to give it that texture and the pressure of my   brush helps also!

"Bug in the snow"    12 x 12  heavy acrylic!


"Mother" painted in heavy acrylic!  11 x 14!

​Not for sale!

​Heavy acrylic paintings by Patti Doolittle

​"Rosie"  painted in heavy acrylic  5 x 7

​                              175.

12 x 24 on wrap around canvas painted in heavy acrylic!   "Beach boy"


Self Portrait  by Patti Doolittle

12 x 12 on panel, heavy acrylic !

"Marilyn" painted in heavy acrylic on panel!  8x8.....................................200..