Cigar maker in Little Havana, in Miami!   painted in oil, 18 x 24!         900.00


My images are always something I treasure, I paint what is in my heart and to spread joy for people, as what I think is Joy and love, I can always paint something you might treasure as well!


"Little Havanna man"  painted in oil, 18 x 24               800.


Monsignor Craig Harrison in Bakersfield!

Commissions Welcomed

Monsignor Craig in Bakersfield!

​​about Patti Doolittle

 "2 lil lambs" Painted in oil, 8 x 10, nicely framed!.....................400.

From the Philippines, a lovely boy from Dumaguette , ....200.

​Elks Lodge in Bakersfield, Ca.  266 Painted

on the outside of the Building , the front!

"Flamingos on a Bike"   16 x 20 on a wrap around canvas 

​Painted in oil                  $400.

"Persimmons"  9 x 12 oil painting  in elegant wood frame with linen liner.....400.