"Sunflower Lady"  oil painting , 18 x 24.


"Horse back chat"  oil on wrap around canvas, 20 x 30

​                                    850.

"Grape Picker"  oil painting 20 x 24 inches

​                                                  800.

"Dragonfly"   12 x 16  done in oil!


​nice black frame.

"A Artist is always a student"!

"Tennessee Woman"   painted in oil on wrap around canvas.  12 x 12


Patti Doolittle Paintings

 I began painting at a early age, mostly just drawing though, and then on to High ​School, I took classes from Mr. Bill Ryan which I was encouraged to  keep on !  Got sidetracked and went to Beauty School and got married, no children!   Hence I moved to Orange County lived in Corona Del Mar and was awed by the ocean and beach, I began to paint and take art classes at Orange county college, earlier in Bakersfield I took from Clayton Rippey, I loved that class!  I have always photographed my images for my paintings and used what was right for my painting from my photos!   I must have a gillion photos!

10 years later I moved back to Bakersfield and begin more of my paintings and plus being with my Mother as she was very ill!   Bakersfield is my home always but was born in Oklahoma. 

I love painting Portraits in pastels, oil or acrylics, I will take commissions also.

I have won numerous awards and taught workshops, Have some of my paintings in prominent peoples homes, which is a honor for me!

This is just a snippet of my life, but thanks for reading!

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